24th Jun 2015, 2:36 AM the best of

things are slowing down in the ol' SCRIPTED world. basically lately i've been having less and less excess gag ideas to put into it because i've been writing more and more of them into stuff i'm not publishing yet. things are picking up for me outside of the webcomic world and truth be told i don't know how much longer i'll be a part of it. it doesn't help that i've started two new side comics for which i have pretty much zero material.

so what does this say for SCRIPTED? i don't know.

in the meantime, here's a list of what i consider the best ones:

#1 "science class"
#4 "cookie"
#6 "syrup"
#8 "pancakes"
#14 "bugs"
#17 "mocking"
#29 "typing"
#34 "phone"
#39 "sketchbook"
#40 "waiting"
#54 "dibs"

20th Mar 2015, 6:50 PM new video

finally finished this one here it is

9th Mar 2015, 11:36 PM fun fax

This comic was originally named "Facebook" but that was changed for legal reasons.

The first one I made was actually comic #2 -- suspicious!!!

I don't really like calling these comics either but there's no other good name for em.

My favorite one so far is #6 "syrup" but do you care? Were you there for me when I needed you?

Because this comic is pure text, if you do not like a certain gag, there is no other way for you to appreciate that page.

Done in Photoshop, font is Courier Prime

These don't follow exact screenplay format for readability reasons.

For privacy reasons I don't disclose the specifics but a lot of these are inspired by conversations with friends (a few are listed on the about page)

4th Mar 2015, 7:08 PM update

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in so long haha

25th Feb 2015, 9:09 AM faq

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: You just started your comic how can you possibly have frequently asked questions?

A: Shut up


Q: Is your comic a jab at people who actually take the time to include art in their comics?

A: No.


Q: Does McDonald's still sell the plain Quarter Pounder?

A: I don't know